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18 categories to save yourself many hours of work and headaches browsing the web endlessly. Immediately identify the World Days relevant to your activity and discover new Observances.

They are also classified by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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With the looming climate crisis, your actions towards sustainability are more important than ever before. Enhance your communication efforts for a broader and stronger impact!

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Educate children on a wide range of topics to increase their sensibilities to global and lesser-known issues. Use the site as a teaching tool to stimulate their curiosity in a safe environment.

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For a more granular approach, the International Days are further sorted using 170+ Keywords. Extract the information you need fast and inform your content creation for a broader outreach!

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Because they provide a global & flexible framework to talk about topics related to your project so you will promote brand awareness and increase your reach.

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Because we spent A LOT of time looking for International Days for projects and struggled to find reliable and aggregated information. We figured we couldn't be the only ones in this situation, so we tried to fix it! Read more in the About page.

The website is free to use. You have access to all the 3500+ International Days with categories and Sustainable Development Goals. The search by Date and the monthly newsletters are available for 5โ‚ฌ/month for subscribers. If you are a busy content producer, the lifetime member access will allow you to explore the 170+ keywords, get relevant hashtags and emojis for each Day and add them to your calendar. We do keep the search for a few keywords and SDG free for all: look for the FREE mention in the SDGs and Keywords pages.

Our algorithm scours the web all the time for new Observances. Each Day is carefully reviewed, categorized and updated. We improve the database very regularly. You can also submit a Day to our database by going to the Submit A Day page.

Of course! Please message us using the Contact form and we will do our best to address it promptly.

With pleasure! Please submit your Day on the Submit a Day page and we will carefully review it. We might come back to you for clarification and media.

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